My Story

April 8, 2016
Michael and Terrill Esposito have been married for 28 years. They have four daughters; two natural and two spiritually adopted.  Michael was saved out of a lifestyle of drugs, gambling, womanizing and just living a full on immoral life.  He was just a young arrogant punk when Jesus saved him on the night of February 21st, 1980.  That was the night Jesus delivered him from all of his addictions, made him his child, and called him to be a minister.  Terrill was saved when she was 12 years old.  While living in Holland her friend gave her the book “Prison to Praise.” She read it, said the prayer at the end of the book, was saved, and began her new life in Christ.  They love to spend time with their daughters and their husbands playing board games, watching movies, eating out (they are all foodies), traveling the world, working out (Michael does anyway), and spending time entertaining friends.  Terrill is an animal lover and the owner of 20 Alpacas, 30 chickens, two pigs and two goats.  She sheers the Alpacas for their fleece, which she sells to support other missionaries. Michael has recently gotten involved in the movie industry as an actor and background player.  Mike says, “ Living for Jesus is so wonderful that everyday feels like a Saturday”!